Pokot (2017)

Crime drama “Traces” is one of the new and highly anticipated movie titles for 2017. Its official premiere will take place only day after day – on Feb. 24, that’s why the production is yet to come into our everyday life, especially in the viewers and critics. Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic are the three countries whose film industries are working hard and are bringing their joint product, directed by Agnieszka Holland. Regarding who is behind the writing of the script, Stepan Julic and the same Holladans are the authors in question. And the main roles are entrusted to signage figures from the acting guild, among which are the names of Miroslav Crobot and Jakub Gershall – two undisputed stars.
“Traces” will tell us a really tangled story, wrapped all the way to mystery. The main heroine is an adult astrologer and a sworn vegetarian who lives lonely in a remote village in the Sudetenland. Nothing breaks the rhythm of her everyday life, but one night she discovers the body of her neighbor’s poacher. It is definitely a murder, but who is able to do it? The only steps around the lifeless body are the deer – but is it possible for wild animals to act as avengers? Anyway, we have nothing left to do but wait for the moment to watch the movie when all the things will get clear. But no wonder the animals have actually eliminated the intruder who takes away their lives without hesitation.

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