Origin Wars (2017)


Alcoholized Star Ranger Cain (Daniel McPherson) patrols in the sky over a planet colonized by a large corporation. On the surface, the evil prison director Mordeyn (Temeria Morrison) experimented with the prisoners, turning them into genetically modified monsters that the corporation uses to destroy the natives of other planets and clear them for new colonies. During a mourning rebellion, the monsters were released and began to tear the inhabitants of the nearest human settlement. General Linex (Rachel Griffiths) decides to blow up the planet to hide illegal genetic experiments. Cain has only a few hours to save his daughter, Indiana (Tiger Croft), who is on the planet. He is allied with an escaped prisoner (Keller Lath) and two drug addicts (Isabel Lucas and Luc Ford), and the so-formed anti-hero team enters the danger zone to find Indy before it’s too late …

Date: March 16, 2018